Online Men's Issues Group

A place online for men in to speak openly and honestly

Men's Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Men’s Mastermind Group

A weekly support group for men to gather and speak openly and honestly about relationships, self-esteem, and goals for being a better man, all in a judgment-free zone.

Members agree to confidentiality and commit to attendance so that you have a safe and reliable place to share. This is a perfect option if you are looking to expand your support network.

You’re likely to benefit from this path if you:

Benefit from encouragement and accountability from others.

Want to connect to others who understand what you are going through.

Desire to be more effective with communication in your relationships.

Looking for Connection?

Maybe your confidence has been shaky. Maybe you feel more disconnected or struggle to be vulnerable. Maybe you have been procrastinating your goal because you just aren’t sure if you will succeed. Joining an online men's issues group will get you the place to connect and get coaching support to meet your goals. Reach out today to get on the waiting list for the next group. 

Make a Connection Today?

We need each other.

I’ve been told that in the old days, men and women of the village gathered in groups to discuss issues, share good news, and problem solve obstacles that seemed insurmountable to the individual.

Modern life can feel oddly isolating. We are so busy with work and obligations, not to mention our family and social life. If we do get downtime, it is often focused on turning our brain off or escaping all the noise. While this self-care helps, sometimes we are still left feeling disconnected and without support, especially if our relationship is on the rocks or if we feel like we don’t have other people we can trust enough to be fully honest.

Talking out frustrations, fears, and self-doubts with others not only gets it off our shoulders…it gives us solid insight so that we can solve our problems.
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"I have been attending Jon's men's group for two months, and I feel tremendously better about myself."

Men Have Feelings, Too.

Growing up, we all learned messages about "men" from parents, peers, our community, and even cheesy action movies.

Some of these messages helped us find our role in life, but sometimes these messages may not have served us well.

"Men don’t talk about feelings, Men don’t cry, Men must always be strong, Men save the day with their big muscles and karate."

We are often not even aware of these messages that we hang on to and they can cause problems.

You may find that it is hard to communicate in your relationship — you get frustrated because you are trying your best but just can’t figure out what your partner needs from you. You give so much but don’t feel appreciated. You have fears and sadness that you think you need to keep to yourself. You are afraid to really tell your partner how you feel, as you might cause more upset.

“Happiness is not something you Postpone for the future; it is something you design for the Present.”

Jim Rohn

Why I Started a Men’s Group

I attended an intensive personal growth workshop years ago which was a huge part of my transformative journey. After doing a lot of work that weekend I was feeling so empowered (and exhausted), so I didn’t know what to make of the suggestion to participate in an ongoing meet up with other men to continue the growth. “You mean I’m not done working on myself?”

Reluctantly, I joined a small group with other like-minded men and it was…life-changing!

I was continually supported and when needed, held accountable when slacking into my old ways. It brings me joy to provide this service as part of New River Counseling, helping us men connect openly so we can be the best men we can be.

Feel Connected and Supported

Group members meet weekly to share their experiences without fear of judgment. Each member commits to confidentiality, so all feel safe to talk honestly in group. What happens in group, stays in group. You will learn the communication skills you need for a closer and more satisfying relationship. You will get connection with other men who share the same struggles. You will feel like you are living with integrity and more confident with who you are, helping you get what you want out of life.

You’ll love these groups if you:

Seek out bonding with others with shared experiences

Want to get clear insight about how you show up in relationships

Need a place where you can share anything and be heard

Appreciate accountability so you can correct course

Want to practice emotional vulnerability in a safe space

Want to have more fun with others

Ready to elevate your potential?

Untap your most authentic, courageous, and confident self