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Individual Counseling | New River Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides you with the attention and focus you need to overcome your struggles.

We will get to the “root” of the problem and your patterns in life that keep you stuck with distressing feelings or behaviors you want to drop. This personalized service will help you feel more confident with who you are and help alleviate symptoms that make life difficult. This service is also available online using a secure video platform so you can work on yourself from the comfort of your home.

You’re likely to benefit from this path if you:

Benefit from focused individual time that will support you fully.

Desire to look deeply into life patterns so you can understand yourself and identify what changes will greatly benefit you.

Are looking for emotionally focused care that helps you feel happier in life.

Couples Counseling

Communication and support is vital for a meaningful and loving relationship.

Sometimes we struggle to identify our needs to our partner and don’t know what they truly need. Even when you want to show love and be loved, it is difficult when one or more partner struggles to be emotionally available. I help couples support each other during crisis, open up about their feelings, and reconnect with the fun in their relationship.

You’re likely to benefit from this path if you:

Want improved communication in your relationship to better meet your needs.

Hope for more emotional availability between yourself and your partner.

Desire increased connection and understanding with your partner.

Couples / Marriage Counseling | New River Counseling
Online Mental Health Counseling

Online Coaching

Motivational support you can take anywhere.

You're doing okay but feel like you are not living up to your full potential. Online coaching focuses on the present and future helping you to identify your goals and the obstacles that interfere. We will address your mindset and uncover self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from being your badass, confident self. This service uses a face to face online platform so we can connect outside of the office setting.

You’re likely to benefit from this path if you:

Appreciate the convenience of mobility and flexibility of time that fits in with your life.

Need accountability and motivation to implement your goals and get what you want.

Feel like you read all the books and websites but just need to act!

Men’s Mastermind Group

A weekly support group for men to gather and speak openly and honestly about relationships, self-esteem, and goals for being a better man, all in a judgment-free zone.

Members agree to confidentiality and commit to attendance so that you have a safe and reliable place to share. This is a perfect option if you are looking to expand your support network.

You’re likely to benefit from this path if you:

Benefit from encouragement and accountability from others.

Want to connect to others who understand what you are going through.

Desire to be more effective with communication in your relationships.

Men's Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida | New River Counseling, Jon Waller, LMHC
Licensed mental health counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups in Fort Lauderdale, Florida | New River Counseling, Jon Waller, LMHC

Qualified Supervisor

I offer supervision towards licensure for Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns in Florida.

I have over 17 years of experience in the behavioral health field to pull from to help you grow into a premier provider. You will gain insight by mastering case conceptualization and feel confident to work with the “here and now” moments that happen in your sessions.

Call today for a consultation. I am happy to help you with questions about careers in counseling and getting licensed in Florida.

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