Self-esteem Therapy in Fort Lauderdale

Want a Life of Self Confidence?

Do you ever question if you have too little to no self-esteem?

Your life looks great on the outside, but you feel like a fraud on the inside. In fact, you feel like a mess, full of insecurities and indecision.  It’s even hard for you to take a compliment.  The voice in your head is your worst critic.  It talks down to you, saying things that you’d never say to a friend.  Deep down you worry others will be repulsed if they finally see you the way you perceive yourself.  You know it’s time to do something about your low self esteem. It’s not healthy to keep beating yourself up, not liking yourself, and looking to others to feel better about yourself.  But you can’t escape the negative self talk long enough to show yourself compassion. I specialize in helping people just like you with Self-Esteem Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Florida!

What is Self Esteem?

A person’s self-esteem level describes how they feel about their behaviors, abilities, body, values, and overall worth. Each person’s self-esteem plays a vital role in how they approach the world, thus they find that their self-esteem often negatively effects one's happiness, achievement, or “success” in life.

What Causes Low Self-Esteem?

Low self esteem can have many causes. Sometimes it can start from problems growing up,  traumatic events, relationships that were toxic or ended badly, or other significant negative life events.  The cause of each person’s low self-esteem is often deeply personal and unique. Sometimes, the source of a patient’s negative thoughts is not clear at first.

You may notice the effects of low Self Esteem in your life:

Relationship difficulty

Feeling like an imposter at work

Fear to go for what you want


Difficulty making friends


Lack of motivation or drive


Want more Self Confidence?

If you are reading the above and thinking, “That is so me!” then it is time to consider therapy for low self-esteem and confidence. I rely on years of professional experience as well as my own journey to support you in this big life change!

I will work with you with a non-judgemental and collaborative approach with the focus of your personalized goals and needs in mind. We will take things at your pace. I use a combination of exploring the root causes of your low self esteem and practical strategies to employ immediately so you can strengthen your self-confidence/  self-esteem, and begin developing the life you are capable of having and deserve.

Benefits of Therapy for Low Self-Esteem

  • Discover your unique value and personal strengths
  • Increase your motivation and drive to go after your goals.
  • Prioritize yourself and your needs
  • Cultivate self love and self compassion
  • Learn self-care strategies
  • Boost your confidence
  • Stop people pleasing the wrong people
  • Become more assertive in your relationships
  • Set healthy boundaries with others and learn to say “NO”
  • Act on what you want and leave procrastination behind.

Ready to elevate your potential?

Untap your most authentic, courageous, and confident self.